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Avec le nom déposé VERVACO, Verachtert nv est internationalement connu comme fabricant par excellence des kits de broderie de très haute qualité. Vervaco est unique grâce à la gamme complète de kits avec des techniques de broderies différentes. La collection comprend des ouvrages à point de croix, à point noués, de comptage et des kits pour enfant ainsi que des napperons imprimés. La collection n’est pas seulement très variée mais aussi très innovatrice. Tous les ans, une nouvelle collection avec plus de 100 nouveaux dessins est créée. Ces dessins sont à chaque fois inclus dans le nouveau catalogue. Les ouvrages Vervaco sont vendus partout dans le monde.


Secret Stitch Along: It’s fun, but how does it work?


Starting a kit without knowing what the end-result will be! From previous successes we know many people just love it.

As a manufacturer, we are ready to send you those kits from now on. The kit comes with all the quality components you are used to from Lanarte but without a picture of the end result or the instructions to make it.

As a reseller, you can order the kit (PN-0169325-01) through our web shop. We suggest you start selling this great concept already now. You will be mentioned, free of charge, as one of the SSA kit seller on our Facebook page and website. The first two editions have proven to be a success and we expect an even bigger success this time.

As usual, all components from this kit are of the highest quality: DMC thread and a beautiful linen cloth will help the end customer to make a great piece of Art. The design comprises different stitches such as cross-stitch, half cross-stitch, backstitch and French knot. The size of the finished kit is around 36 x 46 cm.

To participate, your end customer needs to buy the kit from you and register on Facebook or on our website www.verachtert.be. Once registered, the fun starts towards mid-October, the day the first part of the pattern is revealed via Facebook or by mail. Till that day, the end customer will be “teased” via social media.

As from October 13th 2017, all registered participants will receive weekly, during a period of 12 weeks, a part of the ‘Secret Stitch Along - 2017’ pattern through our Facebook page or by mail.
The participants get to make a Lanarte piece of Art before the actual kit is being launched to the public by ourselves in March 2018.

The participants also get access to our Secret Stitch Along group in which all information will be shared and questions can be asked both amongst each other or to us.

Let the fun start and make sure you’re part of the success.


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